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Trees not only beautify your home, but they also add value as well. Studies have shown that mature trees can increase the value of a home by ten percent. Distinguish your home from the rest in the neighborhood by planting some unique seeds today. Please click on the links below to see detailed information about the tree listed and to order seed packets:

The following tree seeds are in stock

  • Candle Nut Tree ( Aleurites moluccana ): Grow you own candles plus a multitude of others uses for this amazing tree. A medium or large sized, spreading, tropical tree up to 50-80ft tall. Grown in the tropics, but cold hardy down to 28 degrees, zone 8b
  • Camphor Tree ( Cinnamomum camphora ) : A wonderful broadleaf evergreen tree for zones 8-10. It is grown commercially for its medicinal camphor oil.
  • Southern Flowering Dogwood Tree ( Cornus florida ) : A beautiful lawn tree for zones 5-9. Popular as a specimen or small grouping on residential property around homes, near patios or in lawns. Also effective in woodland, bird or native plant gardens.